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CL 707 CL 708
Leak Test Apparatus
Leak Test Apparatus CL-707


  • Ideal for checking leakage of parked strips blisters and small sachets
  • Meets USP and package practice specifications
  • Programmable vacuum level and hold time
  • Slow venting for better result
Leak Test Apparatus CL-708


  • Fully automatic and programmable timer and vacuum (upto 560mm of Hg)
  • Automatic release of vacuum at the end of the test
  • Automatic control of vacuum level, by oil free vacuum pump
  • Polycarbonate vacuum desiccator with instrument
  • GMP model - Stainless steel body
  • Compact size makes the instrument portable and cute
  • Slow release of vacuum at the end of the test
  • Clear 4 x 20 LCD display
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