> Antibiotic Zone Reader
> COD Apparatus
> Colony Counter
> Colori Meter
> Conductivity TDS Meter
> DO Meter
> Electro Phoresis Apparatus
> Flame Photo Meter
> Heating Block
> KF Titrator & Potentiometer
> Leak Test Apparatus
> Melting Point Apparatus
> PH Meter
> Photo Flori Meter
> Turbidity Meter
> UV Cabinet
> UV Spectro Photometer
> Visible Spectro Photometer
> Water/Soil Analysis System


COD Apparatus
  • C.O.D. is Compact instrument, can accommodate 15 simple test at a time and it saves your precious space of laboratory.
    Need no water circulation.
  • With two hours time and buzzes.
  • Digital temperature indicator and controller With 15 bottles of 40mm dia. and 720mm height air condenser.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Approved by various state pollution control boards
* Products not listed can be ordered as per request.