> Autoclave
> Biochemistry Analyzer
> Cadverous Injector
> Clean Air Systems
> Distillation Stills
> Elisa /Microplate Reader
> Hematology Analyzer
> Hot Air Oven
> Incubator
> Kymograph
> Microtomes
> Muffle Furnace
> Orbital Shaking Incubator
> Organ bath
> Razor Sharpener
> Serological Water Bath
> Urine Analyzer
Razor Sharpener
Razor Sharpener
  • Automatic microtome razor sharpener with electric timer coupled with simple operation for razor up to 185mm on both the wedges working mechanism encased in aluminium cover and front portion covered with clear Acrylic canopy to observe safe and dust free honing. Complete with honing plate, coarse & fine abrasives& dust cover.
Optional Accessories
  • Micro Abrasive (Set of two bottles of 200 gm)
  • Spare glass plate.
  • Spare knife holder.

* Products not listed can be ordered as per request.