> Autoclave
> Biochemistry Analyzer
> Cadverous Injector
> Clean Air Systems
> Distillation Stills
> Elisa /Microplate Reader
> Hematology Analyzer
> Hot Air Oven
> Incubator
> Kymograph
> Microtomes
> Muffle Furnace
> Orbital Shaking Incubator
> Organ bath
> Razor Sharpener
> Serological Water Bath
> Urine Analyzer
  • Designed for low temperature incubator and determination of Bio- Chemical oxygen Demand (B.O.D).
  • Double wall construction. Inner chamber made of richly anodized aluminum or highly polished stainless steel sheet with self supports for wide range of shelf spacing.
  • Supplied with two/three removable perforated shelves. Exterior made out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in white stoving enamel paint or powder
    coating, colour combination.
  • Outer double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement.
  • Inner door made out of clear acrylic sheet allowing inspection of material in the chamber with out disturbing the chamber temperature.
  • Door operated inner illumination has been provided.
  • The gap between walls of equipment are filled with glass wool for temp insulation.
  • The cabinet is mounted on castors.
  • Temperature is controlled by a sensitive thermostat from 5° C to 55 °C + 1°C. For lower temp working a standard cooling unit with a sealed compressor with protective devices has been provided below the chamber for safe and efficient working.
  • Heating arrangement has been made with in the chamber for higher temp working the temp can be regulated with the range by means of a high precision double action thermoregulated inner air circulating system is provided to achieve uniform temperature in the whole chamber.
  • A control panel is provided with various indicators, on-off switch, L-shaped thermometer supplied with cord and plug etc.
  • The equipment is workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.
Chamber sizes:
Size in mm Size in Inches Capacity in Cu.ft.
610x455x410 24”x18”x16” 4.00
825x500x415 33”x20”x16.6 6.1
865x650x575 34”.6”x22.6”x22.6” 10.0
900x650x575 36”x26”x23” 12.0
  • Digital temp indicator-cum-controller
  • Timer 0-24 hours day night cycle .
  • Co /air mixture intel nozzle 2
  • Audio visual alarm
  • Automatic Voltage stabilizer 3 KWA (Must Recomended)
* Products not listed can be ordered as per request.