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Main Function

The instrument is compatible with registered diagnostic EIA kit, primarily used in hospitals or some detection related to clinical immunology.

Function and Technical Specifications


Fundamental Parameters

  1. Range of working wavelength is from 400nm to 800nm ;
  2. Range of detection is from 0.000A to 4.000A ;
  3. Resolving power 0.001 A ;
  4. Filters when leaving factory 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630 nm, with the maximum array of 10 filters between 400nm - 800nm simultaneously.
  5. Reading speed: single wave :5s, dual waves:10s;
  6. Dimension: 420×325×210 mm (L×H×W)
  7. Weight: 9 kg;
  8. Monitor: 240*128  LCD
  9. Printer: Built in Printer
  10. Reader Speed :20s/96 Well
  11. Vibration Plate function :Strong/Weak: two gears
  12. Micro plate types :Should be able to read 6-,12-,24-,48-and 96-well micro plates

Technical Specifications:

1. Characters of the filters

Table 1: Characters of the Filters

Accuracy of wavelength (nm) Half-width (nm)
±3.0 ≤12
2. The errors of absorbance accuracy are as follows

Table 2: Absorbance Accuracy

Absorbance (A) Accuracy Error
0.000-2.000 ±0.01
> 2.000-3.000 ±0.05
> 3.000-4.000 ±0.15

3. The Linearity Errors are as follows:

Table 3: Linearity of the Instrument

Absorbance (A) Error (%)



> 2.000-3.000


> 3.000-4.000


4. Reproducibility Error: ≤0.5%;

5. Stability Error: ≤ ± 0.005A/10min

Main Features:
  • Provided with power on self-checking. Error data will display on LCD monitor if something wrong with the photoelectric system.
  • Filter choosing-mode: automatically
  • Detection mode: single wave/dual wave detection; single aperture /dual aperture detection
  • Input mode: key in film keyboard;
  • Input format: input capital letter/lowercase letter/number at random;
  • Item parameters: Provided with function of set/save/ modify/ inquiry 126 calibration parameters and curves, to make detecting course more conveniently.
  • Defection of calibration: with the function of calibration-defection, which can save/modify 126 parameters of calibration and curves.
  • Detection methods: absorbance /qualitative /quantitative detection
  • Saving function: can save the detection results on 105 pieces of plates
  • Output mode:
  Absorbance: display/printout originally absorbable value,
  Qualitative checking: display/printout absorbable value, critical value, S/CO, qualitative results;
  Quantitative checking: display/printout absorbable value, density, standard reference value, quantitative results
  • QC function: inquiry/printout the QC data and chart
  • Communication: equipped with RS-232 interface.
  • With self-monitoring function (real-time) on each testing light-source signal channel.
  • With dormancy function on light-source lamp.
  • With a CE Marked
Operating Conditions
  • Environmental temperature: 10 ~ 30℃;
  • Relative humidity: ≤70%;
  • Power Supply : 220 x (1±10%)V ; 50 ×(1±2%) Hz; Fuse φ5×20 2A; Input power: 100VA
  • Keep away from strongly electromagnetic field and avoid direct irradiation by strong light;
  • Dustproof and shockproof on worksite; no aggressive gas; pollution level II
  • Power supply must be firmly grounded. Transient over voltage level II
  • Preheating time: 10min
  • Don’t use instrument in damp environment.
  • Use CVT or Servo Controlled Voltage stabilizer for safe power  & safety of equipment
* Products not listed can be ordered as per request.