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Solvent Recycler
Intelligent mobile phase recycling is accomplished by placing an electronically actuated Recycle Valve in the fluid path between the HPLC detector and the solvent waste reservoir. The signal processor in the recycler controls the valve and monitors the detector signal to determine when peaks appear and when contaminants are passing through the detector flow cell. When a container is detected, the Recycle Valve is diverted to the solvent container. When there is no contaminant detected, the Recycle Valve will bring clean solvent back to the mobile phase reservoir for reuse.
Using this solvent recycler, you can immediately regain your initial investment and enjoy substantial saving of expense and time for years. In addition, this instrument can reduce pollution toward environment, making more efforts to environmental protection.
- Recycle more than 90% of mobile phase.
- Manual and automatic program options allow user to control recycling and discarding of solvent.
- The purity of mobile phase can be controlled precisely by the 4-degree threshold switch.
- Time delay of the valve switch can be set from 10 to 90 seconds.
- The selectable three-range input degrees match various HPLC detectors.
- The polarity and the changing level of detecting signals are showed on the LED display.
- Auto zero setting.
Range: Range of this instrument (10mV, 100mV, or1V) matches the HPLC detectors.
When the detector’s output signal exceeds the selected Threshold value (0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 5% of full scale), it represents it is the peak of contaminants. The Recycle Valve then sends the contaminated effluent to waste container. The Recycle Valve returns to the recycle position after the detector signal falls below the Threshold value and the Time Delay has elapsed.
Time Delay:
It holds the Recycle Valve in the waste position for the specified amount of time (10, 20…, until 90 seconds) after the detector signal drops below the Threshold valve. The Time Delay accounts for tailing peaks and plumbing volume between the detector and the Recycle Valve. With precise control of these three parameters, the solvent recycling can be accurately and reliably operated without interference.
    Model Solvent Recycler
    Recycle Valve 2 Position Electronically Actuated
    All wetted parts are Peek and TFE Fittings are 1/16”, 1/4”-28 Flange-Free
    Max Flow 50mL/min
    (As supplied with 1.5M 1/16” Tubing on each port )
    Analog Input 10mV, 100mV and 1V
    Display Red and Green LED
    Zero Setting Automatic Zero Setting
    Remote Input Switch or TTL Signal
    Power Requirement 13.5Volts DC/500mA
    Dimensions 7.28” × 6” × 2.7” (L × W × H) (18.5cm × 14.2cm × 6.28cm)
    Weight 2.21bs (1.0Kg)
    * Products not listed can be ordered as per request.