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Mooney Viscometer

Mooney Viscometer is a shearing disk Viscometer, designed for accurate measurement of viscosity, scorch time and cure rates of the elastomers.

The instrument consists of flat, cylindrical disk, driven by a motor to rotate slowly and continuously in one direction. This disk is embedded into elastomer specimen which is confined in a heated die cavity maintained at specified temperature and kept closed by a specified force. As the disk rotates its experiences a shear strain. This resistance to rotation offered by the elastomer is shearing viscosity which is proportional to mean absolute viscosity of the specimen.

Normally a preheat period is given to the elastomer following which the disk starts to rotate. An initial high viscosity is recorded and then as the viscosity also decreases, to a minimum value Viscosity obtained with large rotor are approximately twice those of small rotor.

The viscosity is reported as under:
  1. Method of sample preparation
  2. Mooney viscosity number
  3. Rotor size
  4. Preheat time
  5. Time interval to viscosity reading
  6. Temperature of test
Typical test results are stated as under: 50ML(l+4)100C
  • 50M = Viscosity in mooney units
  • L = Large rotor (for small replace it with 'S')
  • l =Preheat time in minutes
  • 4 = Time in minutes after starting the motor at which the reading is taken
  • 100C = Test temperature
Features of Software and Hardware
  1. Cromtech India will provide a unit on the Mooney Viscometer which will interface between computer and Mooney Viscometer
  2. Delete Option (Stock, Batch No.)
  3. Provision Quality Gates (pass/ fail criteria)
  4. Statistical Analysis (Sigma, Range, Mean, Standard Deviation)
  5. Output data Reports - VI, VM, ML(1+4), ML(1+8), T5, T35, T30, Stop Time, End Temp and Status, Cp, Cpk, Values (Bar Graph)
  6. User Friendly Software Windows based
  7. Temperature Graph will appear along with Mooney Graph
  8. Huge Capacity of Data Storage and Retrieval
  9. Color Printout
  10. Flexible Testing timings
  11. On line display of Mooney vs Time graph
Technical Specifications
Mooney Measuring Range: 0 to 200 MU.
Pre-Heat Time: 0 to 10 minutes
Mooney measurements: Choice of 3 readings
Standards: According to ASTM D1646, ISO269
Rotor Size: Large and Small
Rotor Speed: 2.0+0.02 r.p.m.
Drive Motor: Synchronuous geared motor.
Temperature: PT-100 Microprocessor Controlled.
Calibrated Range: 50°C to 200°C Independent Upper and Lower Platen Control.
Temperature Control: Accuracy ±0.5°C
Torque Transducer: Reaction Torque Sensor. Four Arm temperature compensated semi-conducter strain guage bridge
Recording & Display: Computer controlled testing. At the end of the test, the computer calculates the results automatically and displays it
Printed Data: Colour Inkjet Printer
Main Power Supply: . AC 175V ~ 275V, 50 Hz, 20A max.
Compressed Air Supply:

60 psi (4.2 Kg/ minimum operating pressure

(Air compressor is to be user's own requirement)

Environment: Dust free reasonably controlled.
Dimensions Main Panel: 56x22x24 inches; Computer System - table top
Net Wieght Approx. 205 Kgs

* Products not listed can be ordered as per request.