Chromatography Data System
  Gas Chromatography
  HPLC Column Heater
  HPLC Filter Holder
  Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  Mooney Viscometer
  Muffle Furnace (High Temp)
  On-line Solvent Degassing
  Peltier Temp Control System
  Solvent Recycler
  Spectro Photometer:
  - Atomic Absorption
  - Double Ch. Atomic Fluorescence
  - Flame Atomic Absorption
  - Flourimeter
  - IR Spectrometer
  - Optical Emission
  - UV-Visible Double Beam
  - UV-Visible Single Beam
  Syringe Filter
  Ultrasonic Generator and Reactor
  Ultrasonic Processor (Sonicator)
  Vacuum Manifold
Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) - SY 8100

Scientific and reasonable function and structure design satisfy your needs for accuracy and reproducibility to the maximum. Building-block modular design enables easy use and convenient maintenance Rich function PC control and chromatograph data processing software make it simple for instrument control and data processing.

High Pressure Pump 
Advanced double piston pump and electronic residual technique, greatly improves the flow rate precision and repeatability of the pump.
Flow rate range: 0.001~9.999mL/min in, 0.001 mL/min increments
Structure: double piston pump
Flow rate precision: <0.5%
Repeatability: <0.1%
Pressure range: 0~40MPa
Gradient Mode: Low pressure gradient system upto 4 solvents and High pressure gradient system upto 2 solvents
Remote Control: RS232 connector, PC control
System Protection: Soft Start, P min and P max adjustable
Display: LCD, 16 x 2
Dimension (WHD): 350 x 190 x 210
UV-Vis Detector
Time-programmed wavelength change function, realizing online wave length switch
Baseline drift: 15 x 10-⁵ AU/h at 240nm, t = 1.0s
Baseline noise: 2 x 10-⁵ AU at 240nm, t = 1.0s
Wavelength range: 190~740nm, Δλ ≤ 8nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm
Time constants: 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.0/ 2.0/ 5.0/ 10.0
Analog output: ±1V
Auto-zero range: full scale
Light source: deuterium lamp
Display: LCD 16 x 2
Dimensions (WDH): 350 x 190 x 210mm
Column Oven
Highest temperature establishing, overrun temperature alarming
Control mode: PID
Temperature control range: ambient ~100°C
Temperature accuracy: ±0.3 °C
Safety setting-up: overrun temperature limit alarming
Display: 4 bits LED (red-actual, green-establishing temperature)
Column: 2
Remote control: RS232 connector, PC control
Inside dimensions (WDH): 50 x 380 x 50 mm
Outside dimensions (WDH): 120 x 500 x 230 mm
PC control and Chromatograph data process system
  • Complete PC control function, realizing parameter control and real-time monitoring to all parts, including column oven
  • Interface language can be switched between Chinese and English, with simple operation
  • Analytical task can be completed in single sampling, with automatic processing of chromatograph data and obtaining perfect spectra
  • Backstage operation function enables data processing to the existing spectra, while analysis is going on
  • The gradient program of the pump and wavelength time-program of the detector can be established
  • The test report format can be easily edited
  • Timer turn-off function is provided
BF-2002 Chromatography Data Handling Software
  • With patented High Fidelity Filtering Algorithm, BF-2002 can detect the weakest signal peak close to the baseline noise
  • With patented integration method based on signals second derivatives, BF-2002 can integrate all kinds of chromatogram well just through a few easy understanding parameters
  • With multi-thread technique, BF-2002 can interact with user in the course of data acquisition and handling
  • With split window technique, all elements are intelligently structured within one screen for easy access and operations
  • With Multi-document interface technique, B-2002 can work more than one chromatogram at the same time
  • All the elements of analysis (e.g. the integrated chromatogram, the applied integration and quantifying methods, the calculated results, through to remarks) are centralized in one document in compliance with GLP requirements
BF-2002 Hardware specifications
  • 24 bit Analog / Digital conversion with more than 21 valid bit
  • Input range -1V -1V, and can be expanded to -5V -5V
  • Minimum resolution 1µV
  • Acquisition speed 20Hz. Max of 60Hz is available upon request before delivery
  • Integration Sensitivity 0.005uV*s
  • Linearity 0.005% of full scale
  • Consistency 0.005%
  • Connect to computer COM port and /or USB port. LAN port is available on request
  • Two insulated channels for two signals of one instrument or for two different instruments
  • Equipped with a remote start button, which can be reconnected to the start cable of injection valve of the start out signal or auto-sampler


* Products not listed can be ordered as per request.